Is it genuine? How to authenticate second-hand goods.

by Online Store on October 16, 2020


There’s no doubt that one of the best things about shopping second-hand is finding the hidden pre-loved designer gems, stashed alongside the aisles.

Purchasing second-hand designer is not only greener and more ethical, but it also aids in diminishing the growth and success of the counterfeit market. At Good Sammy we receive an influx of pre-loved high-end bags, dresses and heels from a numerous amount of international and local designers, so make sure to keep an eye out!

However, categorising them into “authentic” and “fake” is an important step we take to ensure our customers get the best second-hand designer products, at the best price. Below is a guide to distinguishing between the two by analysing the logo, documentation and packaging, buttons, material and fastening of the item.

The five things to check when buying second-hand designer:


Looking at a logo is traditionally one of the easiest ways to determine the authenticity of a brand, however during the last few fashion seasons brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga and Fendi have released products with logos mimicking the original brand or street art.

Most designer items will have a logo that’s stamped, stitched or metal. If the item is stamped, make sure its correctly spelled, placed and shaped. Multiple counterfeit items have had logos stamped on which are a combination of two brands (the recent internet sensation of “Goach”) or spelt subtly incorrectly such as “Luis Vitton”.

High-end items will not have a logo that bleeds or is peeling due to the care put into the product and design. The stitching around the logo on designer items, especially bags, will have the same amount of stitches on each side making it perfectly symmetrical.

 pre-loved hermes

Documentation and packaging

One thing high-end products have in common is the packaging and documentation. Whether it’s Apple, Mimco or Gucci there will always be branded packaging and a documentation card that comes with it. Designer items always come with an authenticity card and a labelled dust bag. However, when shopping second-hand designer, it’s likely the previous owner took out the authenticity card and kept the dust bag.

 pre-loved louis vuitton


Another key component of designer branding is the buttons. High-end designers have such an amazing attention to detail that even the buttons are branded and high-quality. Make sure the buttons are attached securely and have the brand or logo etched into it and if it’s a brand-new pre-loved item it’s important to ensure the item comes with a button sack on the back of the clothing with spare buttons and thread. Counterfeit items will likely have unsecure buttons, loose thread and plain design on the buttons surface.


The material used in high-end items is of amazing quality, which is unlikely to tear, fade or peel off. Since its second-hand, the item will likely have signs of wear, if the item is legitimate it won’t result in implications of the quality and integrity of the product. Another method which probably isn’t the best to try inside your home or by yourself is to try the lighter method with leather. If you hold up a lighter to leather and it starts cracking, the leather isn’t real, but if it doesn’t show any signs of damage, it’s real.

Authentic Leather shoes 


High-end items are created with such precision and care that even the fastening of the products is branded and high quality. The metal in which the zips are made out of should be heavy and the same colour. Designers typically use a matte metal hardware for the zip whilst counterfeit products usually have an obscenely glossy layer on the zip which scratches quickly and easily.

Now that you have your guide to authenticating second-hand designer products, it’s time to get your shop on! Check out our range of Sass and Bide and Morrison products currently in our online store.

As of October 2020 we have a range of second-hand designer items in stock ranging from mid-high end and local to international designers such as Balenciaga, Carven, Sass & Bide, Calvin Klein and Morrison.

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 Saint Laurent Pre-Loved Dress

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Jimmy Choo Pre-loved


Written by Mairi Krauklis.