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Our Spring Shoot with Lily

on November 02, 2021
We recently collaborated with GSE Participant and Employee Lily, for a spring themed photo shoot. Our digital media Interns Ghassani and Archer were there to conduct the shoot, utilising our unique props, which included vintage gadgets, bedding and homewares.
This was Lily’s first time modelling and doing a photoshoot. We loved that she was BRAVE and gave it a go. We caught up with Lily after the shoot to chat all things fashion and Good Sammys.
Your photo shoot has had a great response online and on our social media channels. How did you feel it went?
I think it went well. I think I did pretty well. After the shoot I felt didn’t smile enough, but now seeing the photos, I am really happy with them. If I could do it again, I would practice smiling and smile a lot more!
This was your first time modelling, we think you did so well! Were there any challenges with the photo shoot?
Wearing heels was a challenge, but we switched to flat shoes so that I could move a little better. I was also surprised how difficult it was standing / sitting in the same position for long periods of time.
We loved all your shots, especially the variety of sitting and standing ones. What was the highlight of the shoot for you?
I really liked the outfits, trying on different outfits for the different shots. We had some different outfits that I might not wear normally. I am trying to improve my sense of fashion so it was interesting to wear something different. I wasn’t sure about the denim dress as it was a bit short,  but I loved the pink dress- my family and friends told me I definitely should buy it!

-And you’re buying that dress now! Winning!
Definitely. I have been waiting for the shoot to be released so I can buy it!
The dress suited you well. How do you describe your personal style?
My normal style is casual. I am interested in doing a fashion workshop and learning more about fashion, and getting tips for how to style pieces I already own. Sometimes I have some difficulty knowing what goes together. I would like to learn how to match things like top and skirt. Also learning how to put together patterns and colours.
Well I think it’s awesome that you are always willing to give things a go, and learn new things. What does being BRAVE mean to you?
Brave means that I tried something new. I have a few hobbies that were difficult and scary to try at first, but now they are things I really enjoy doing. I do ballroom dancing.  I went to a dance class recommended by my previous support group. The first time was scary but I love it as it keeps me fit.
I received a scholarship from my dance teacher to continue. Since then I have started entering dance competitions. I’ve won so many competitions it’s hard to keep track! I remember I won 2 WA Opens in a row.

What an achievement. We love being a part of that journey in any way we can. What has your journey with Good Sammy been like?
I have been working for Good Sammys for 7 years. I have worked in different locations at the retail stores, where customers recognise me. I currently work in one retail location and in the warehouse, sorting donated goods on the belt. These goods eventually get packed up and sent to shops, where Good Sammy customers can buy recycled and sustainable items.
What is your favourite thing about working for Good Sammy?
Making new friends and shopping. I met my partner while working for Good Sammys. We are now engaged and planning our wedding. I love bags. I have a weakness for bags. My co-workers all know they need to keep them away from me!
You are super busy- now adding wedding planning to your activities!
Yes. We are thinking next year. We have looked at locations and options.
What else would you like to try and how do you think Good Sammy can help you achieve your goal?
I always want to learn more about my job. At the warehouse I want to learn how to use the pallet jack. At the retail store I eventually want to try using the till. For me I like to learn new things, but I am really enjoying what I do now as well.
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