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Meet The Team- Liz & Allana

on June 30, 2022

Meet Liz and Allana, some of our newest online store team members. They both come from working at Good Sammy retail stores and in a short period of time, have been excelling at all things online. We love the positivity, energy and work ethic Liz and Allana bring to the team- read more about their employment journey below.


In 2020, my journey with Good Sammy started through work experience in the retail stores. I then moved on to working at the Good Sammy Cafe. I now work at the online store. My favourite thing about working at Good Sammy is the staff- every day is so fun working together.

On my very first day, I cried at work because I was so happy to have got the job. My first day was amazing. I had to learn how to display shoes and to put out clothing. Learning to use the register and serving customers was difficult, I had to remember all the codes in my head.

I miss the customers at the shops- they would tell me their stories and come in just to have a chat. I miss working with fun co-workers that made me laugh at the store I was located at.


I love working online now. I get to continue working with Liz as well as meeting new people. I’ve been working with Liz since this year. We met at the retail stores and then both moved to the E-commerce department. We take the train and bus to and from work together as we live close to each other. Liz teaches me about everything- she’s amazing and I love working with her. I can’t wait to do another photoshoot with her in the future.

I get to learn so many fun things such as editing outfits on Canva (see below), taking photos, researching fashion brands and so much more.

I see myself here in 10 years. I have other goals such as learning to drive. Right now, I just love coming to work and being happy.


I first started working at Good Sammy in a retail store when I was 18 years old. I heard about Good Sammy through word of mouth. When I first started working in the retail store I was learning to use the register and serve customers. I entered codes for stock groups manually and this was very tricky. I ended up making a few mistakes with the codes- the prices were right, but the codes were wrong! I’ve been able to learn from my mistakes and have the time to get my skills really up there.

A lot of people don’t know what Good Sammy is about- that when you come in store there are employees working with disability. The profits go to supporting us in our employment goals. All your donations help us do what we do. I’ve learned a variety of skills at the stores such as using a register, pricing items, and how to fix many broken Eftpos machines!

Learning about donations is also fun. We receive a variety of donations, sometimes things I’ve never seen before. Every day is different- you don’t know what it will bring. The best thing about working for Good Sammy is getting to know new people.



At the online store I’ve been learning how to dress up and get in some photos. I love to create different layouts on Canva and play around with things (see below). I’ve never done anything like that before- I’ve always wanted to know how to edit photos. I want to learn different editing techniques such as removing pesky buildings or silly people in the background!


Getting to know how to do everything over the years has been challenging but also gives me the passion to keep learning, growing, and having the courage to try something new. I love getting to know new people now at the online store. I even do a day in admin!

I think that I’d be doing other things in the years to come- I know I can but I need to get the confidence to do it. I want to start by driving.



Our Digital and Online Media team are responsible for the Good Sammy online store. 

Tasks can include:

  • photography and photo editing
  • multimedia creation
  • creative concepting
  • development of social media content
  • research and data entry
  • online inventory management
  • picking and packing


Enquire about disability employment, including Supported Employment

If you're someone with disability who is looking for employment, including Supported Employment, we'd love you to join the Good Sammy team! 

Get in touch by completing the form here. Otherwise email or call on the details below. 


Phone: 9463 0562

Please note: to be eligible for supported employment positions, you must have a Disability Support Pension, and NDIS funding. If you need help arranging your funding plan, our Academy Team can help you.

by Tania Morris on July 13, 2022

So brilliant to see you both thriving at the online store!!

by Fiona Caratozzolo on July 13, 2022

Congratulations Liz. I miss not seeing you, since we no longer have a Midland store.
Liz is an asset to Good Sammy and love how she is taking new skills onboard with her new position.


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