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The Positively Contagious Strength of Being Bold with Bec

on November 22, 2021

We recently invited Good Sammy employee Bec for a photo shoot at our Canning Vale location to showcase some unique looks. Bec was a natural on set, handling each outfit change and new pose effortlessly. She usually goes for an androgynous look, but also tried out some more feminine outfits as well. After the shoot, we asked Bec a few questions about her time at Good Sammy, and her thoughts on the experience of the photo shoot.

You did a fantastic job today, especially considering it’s your first time modelling! How would you describe the experience?

I really enjoyed trying different outfits and poses and learning something new. The hardest thing was moving through all the different poses, and not smiling – it is surprisingly hard to look cool!

My favourite look was the first outfit (with the layers of black and the bold necklace). I was surprised I liked the skirt – I never normally wear skirts!

I would describe the experience as different, fun, unique and challenging. I would definitely model again. I want to try colourful and crazy outfits – in different locations that I enjoy such as the beach, park and in nature. Even building rooftops – I’m scared of heights but that could be really cool!

We loved having you in the online store for the day. How long have you been at Good Sammy, and what do you normally do?

I’ve been at Good Sammy for nearly 7 years. I normally work in a retail store, where I work the tills and serve customers at the front, put stock away, update stock, and dress the mannequins. Eventually, I’m looking at transferring to work at the online store.


7 years is quite a long time for someone as young as yourself! That's quite an impressive employment history with Good Sammy.

I had no idea what I wanted to do as a teenager or what my goals were. I didn’t like high school, I didn’t like school and didn’t want to go. I don’t remember too much – there was bullying and that’s why I didn’t like it.  Learning was good – I liked it.

I was in high school when Mum found an advertisement in the newspaper for a job at Good Sammy. I applied and got it. It was difficult, I was still in school and only sixteen. I had to learn a lot of new things.

The biggest challenge was customer service and interacting with people. Talking to people was really hard when I started – I was like a little mouse!

It's been a long time since I started and felt that energy of not knowing what to do. Now my strength is customer service and operating the till. I feel that I am confident and really good at it all!


You've been with Good Sammy as a teenager, and now into adulthood. What are the biggest changes since your first day to now?

My whole life has changed. I recently moved out on my own by myself – it's interesting and different. I’m finding out all this stuff that I didn’t know how to do.

Mum was always there for me and now I realised I have to do it. No one else will do it if I don’t. Things like cooking – I’m surprised I can actually cook for myself! I used to cook at home but not as much as I do now. And fixing things around the house.

There is truly nothing you can't do! Home owner at 24?! That's an inspiration to anyone your age.

I was able to do it due to the support of my parents, and saving hard. I think I’ve been around older people a lot due to working from a young age – it really puts it into perspective. I think that working at Good Sammy has a lot to do with it. I am learning to become mature and responsible from the people around me and the culture of the company.

We love working with you, you truly inspire us with your hardworking attitude. And we must be doing something right for you to stick around with us!

My favourite thing about working at Good Sammy is all the new opportunities I am making for myself. It’s exciting! Who knows what will happen in the future!?  I feel hopeful for my future and confident in all the new opportunities.

I learnt to sew 2 years ago when I went to a social sewing class. I’m looking at starting my own business soon, where I’ll sell my hand sewn and knit tote bags and pouches, and also paintings and mosaics I’ve made. Good Sammy has offered to help promote my business when it gets started.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to Good Sammy for everything they’ve done for me, and especially for the upcoming opportunity to promote my business.

We are so honoured to be a part of your journey. You are such an inspiration to all of us. What's your message to anyone out there that is living with adversity?

You can do anything as long you put your mind to it. Ask for help if needed – you’re never alone!


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by Bec on March 02, 2023

This is so good!!! Had a blast hanging out with Bec today in the online store. Bec does a fantastic job and love seeing her personality shine through these photos

by Bec on March 02, 2023

This is so good!!! Had a blast hanging out with Bec today in the online store. Bec does a fantastic job and love seeing her personality shine through these photos

by Colleen Phillips on June 29, 2022

You have come such a long way, Bec, so proud of you, love you


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